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Couples and Family Therapy

How Can Relational Therapy Improve my connection with others?

Relationships are the webs that connect people to one another. When these threads grow weak or strained, these same relationships can begin to falter. In order to fix our relationships, we have to know when their threads begin to weaken and for what reason. Thanks to advancements within the psychology field, more and more people are learning about the beneficial impact that couples therapy can have. If you are dealing with strain or stress in your relationship and are looking for a solution, consider calling on Andrea Cruz for assistance as a couples therapist. Before we tell you how to make that happen, let's take a closer look at what relationship therapy can entail.

For starters, couples therapy with Andrea Cruz revolves around quality guidance, sound methods, and a foundation of effort shared between clients and practitioner. Whether you are looking at couples therapy or family therapy, those core concepts will root the entire process. Andrea Cruz is a licensed psychotherapist, AMFT 96243, and she serves Orange County and Long Beach as well as the surrounding area. If you consider reaching out for therapy services, consider booking an over-the-phone consultation via Andrea's website.

Once you've booked your family therapy or couples therapy session, you will be signed up for sessions starting at 80 minutes in length. These sessions are ideal for addressing issues or points of conflict, working to deepen connections, and evaluating the roles that you and your partner or child have been playing within the relationship. Andrea navigates various modalities during her treatment approach including Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches, Mindfulness, Existential, Gestalt, Somatic, Holistic and so on. Family therapy operates in much the same fashion, though with children and/or immediate or extended family, longer sessions might be a priority.

Whether you are looking to fix a broken relationship or mend harmful feelings between family members, Andrea Cruz MA is ready to offer you professional guidance.

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