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Take Charge of Depression and Anxiety Through Psychotherapy With Andrea Cruz.

Depression and anxiety are silent problems that plague millions of people around the world every single day. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 16.2 million individuals had a 'major' episode of depression in 2016 alone. Signs and symptoms of depression vary based on the individual, but anxiety is a through line that can be hard to ignore. If you feel like your emotions and feelings are getting away from you, finding assistance through psychotherapy can be a life-changing experience. Today, we are going to explore the benefits of psychotherapy for the role of combating depression and anxiety.

You don't have to be plugged into the current zeitgeist to understand that people everywhere are hurting. With awareness of your anxiety and depression as well as a helpful professional psychotherapist, you can begin to look at the roots of the issues that you are facing. Andrea Cruz is a licensed psychotherapist who has been serving Long Beach and the Orange County areas for years. Through her work, Andrea promises an assortment of actionable therapeutic modalities that are designed to help individuals that are suffering. To find out if therapy is right for you, simply call on Andrea Cruz for an over-the-phone consultation.

If you find that psychotherapy is the right process for treating your depression and anxiety, you should know what the service involves. Andrea Cruz of Mind Body Heart Soul Therapy works with mixed modalities as an eclectic approach to working through layers of trauma and life experiences including Humanistic-Existential, Somatic Approach, Psychoanalysis, Psycho-dynamic, CBT, Solution-Focused, and etc. to explore the roots of your pain. Through consistent focused work, headway can be made toward getting your life back on track. Sessions may range from one hour to two hours.

For those in need of psychotherapy to treat their depression and anxiety, help is out there for you. Just reach out to Andrea Cruz to see how her licensed therapeutic services can be of assistance!

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