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What Does a Synchronicity Session at Mind Body Heart Soul Therapy Entail?

Has there ever been a moment in life where two meaningful yet unrelated events have coincided? Surely, this has happened to almost everyone. The idea of two meaningful events occurring at the same time can be taken down as a distillation of synchronicity. Synchronicity experiences are meaningful phenomenal experiences that can guide our minds and lives toward altogether new directions. If you are interested in exploring the world of synchronicity and curious as to what that may entail, write to Andrea in the contact me section and let's take a look at what synchronicity holds for you.

A synchronicity session with Andrea Cruz relies on psycho-social-spiritual techniques to provide assistance to the questions that may be lingering in your own mind. The origins of divining intuition and reading signs via synchronicity predates Carl Jung, however his writings on Synchronicity opened the door to connecting the world of science with the world of meta-physical phenomena. Carl Jung is one of the pioneering minds in the world of psychology as he was mentored by Sigmund Freud and made contributions in the history of the filed. If you are curious as to whether a synchronicity session is right for you, you can contact Andrea Cruz for a 20-minute phone consultation.

Once your service is booked, you will benefit from the various tools and methods that Andrea puts into play for her work. From tarot and oracle cards to her own experience as a licensed psychotherapist, Spirit will be able to guide you to the answers that you are seeking. Reach out to Andrea Cruz via her official website!

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